About Me

Cheyenne Townley, Birthkeeper

After two births of my own and almost 3 years of breastfeeding I have decided to start helping other families. I am thankful for the experiences I have had in recent years and for allowing it to inspire me to help others. I want to help families enjoy their pregnancy and birth experience, reach their breastfeeding goals, and feel confident and empowered through their journey.

When I'm not doing birth things I keep myself busy with some of my other interests. The kids and I have lots of fun making crafts when they're not helping me out around the house. I always enjoy reading and I love spending time out in the garden. I am really interested in homesteading and permaculture hoping that some day we can own our own little piece of land and try to live more sustainably.

I received my doula training through a DONA approved workshop and am currently working towards my Bachelor in Nutrition.

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Cheyenne Townley



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